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The Altoholics Lament

There’s just not enough time.
There is so many things that I want to accomplish, both in real life and in game. I want to travel. I want to do historical research and finish my two articles I started. I want to finish all the books that I have started writing. I want to clean my house from top to bottom. I want to finish my college education. Okay, that takes money along with time, and I have neither.
I have unfinished projects like that in the game too, but they’re called “alts.” Last night I blew the dust off of my Paladin, Rezina. I had been looking at her achievements on the Armory and discovered to my dismay that my oldest character was only one zone away from the “World Explorer” achievement. So, she and I went swimming in Vashj’ir. I even did the first few quests in the zone so that I could get the seahorse mount and make the time go a little quicker. Playing her was like having a conversation with an old friend. It was comfortable and fun, but I didn’t quite understand her as well as I used to.
After I got the achievement, I took her back home to Orgrimmar and thought about taking her to a dungeon. She’s dual-specced for tanking and healing. Her best gear is her healing set, but I feel more comfortable tanking with her. As I thought more about it, I realized that playing her would mean hours of studying to learn the rotations, and running dungeons over and over for valor points to get both gear sets to where they need to be. In other words, it would take time, which is too valuable a commodity to invest.
I have this goal in the back of my mind, you see. I’d like to have ten toons, all maxed leveled, maxed professions, and geared well. So, if I wanted to, say, take out druid and heal, or take out Rezzie for tanking, or take out my hunter Kheylar and just shoot bad guys, well, I could do it.
Many people do that. Most of them are either college kids, housewives, or retired older folks. Or, they have been playing World of Warcraft since it came out in 2006. They understand the class mechanics and rotations of all ten toons. They invest the time because that’s something that they have.
I have many “baby alts” that are sitting at low levels. I started them because I wanted to try that specific class/race combination. I have enjoyed playing them and hope that someday I can get back to them. My favorite is Toshina, my goblin priest. She’s level 31, and nothing but a ball of green sass and energy. I adore their movement animations. They walk with a bounce in their steps and their ears wiggle. They hop around, looking as if casting is such hard work for their little bodies. But, they get the job done. After all, “Time is money, friend! I got mouths to feed!” (I love it when they say that!)
So little time, so many things I’d like to do with my time. Too many alts to master and play. Common sense tells me that I need to pick two or three toons and focus mainly on them. I’ve learned the hard way that I am not good playing my druid and may never be. Paladins have such complicated mechanics, I don’t know if I will ever master playing Rezina again, and I am afraid to try. So, I will continue to dabble with my babies until I find that one that I am good at and is fun for me. After all, WoW is a game to entertain me in my leisure time—not an all encompassing activity. I have one of those already, and that’s being a mommy.


Toon Experimentation

I have been suffering from indecision regarding which toon is my “main” and who I want to invest the most time and effort in.  Well, that’s not exactly true:  For the past few weeks, most of my free time and effort has been devoted to Kheylar, my Blood Elf Hunter.  I have leveled her to 70 and started working on some old “Burning Crusade” end game content.  Don’t laugh.  I had skipped all of that stuff and went straight to Northrend at level 68 with all of my other toons.  Since I didn’t start playing World of Warcraft until Wrath came out, I never really experienced Shadowmoon Valley, Netherstorm, or the numerous dailies for Shattered Sun rep.  All this has been a pleasant change of pace for me, and with Kheylar’s “Bind on Account” gear the lost XP hasn’t bothered me much.

So that leaves my three level 85s sitting idle.  My druid, Redrosie, had fair gear from the Raid Finder and valor points.  Her heals are still not up to “elite” status, so I’m only invited to the first few bosses when my guild does the Dragon Soul Raid.  Our raid leader keeps recruiting and auditioning new healers to take what used to be my place.  He hasn’t had much luck, though.  They either don’t like being rotated out, they don’t want to do their homework and know the fights, or they aren’t as great a healer as they have portrayed themselves to be.  So, my raid night routine lately has been:

  • Log on at least a quarter till 7pm, because that’s when the first invites go out
  • Do the first two/three bosses in Dragon Soul, have a great time with my guldies
  • Leave group, log off Rosie, and log onto Kheylar
  • Play Kheylar and listen to the Raid’s progress (or lack thereof) with this’ week’s new healer through Hubby’s vent on speakers.

I do not think that if I continued working on my healing skills, I’d ever be invited to be a full-time member of the raid group.  And, I am not sure that I want to be.  I know that our Raid Leader is not on a personal vendetta against me.  The group seems to like me as a whole and miss me when I’m not there.  I am invited to every dungeon, LFR, and “Transmog” run that we do.  Tonight, for example, we are running Ulduar for the achievement, and I will be healing.  No, I don’t think I am unwelcome.  I just think that my raid leader lost confidence in my ability to deliver expert heals in the top-notch dungeons.  This has frustrated me as well, and after four months of trying to get better HPS, I think I’ve given up.  As much as I love Rosie, there comes a time when your best is just not “the best” with something, and you have to look at other options.

            Which brings me to my other two 85s, Rezina the Paladin and Naughtia the Warlock?  Rezina was my first toon.  She’s been parked for the better part of a year after she reached 85s.  Tanking the Heroic Dungeons was hard for me to master, and so I gave up on her to devote my time to “growing up” Rosie.  Lately, I respecced and geared her for healing, to see if I could be more effective on her than I am on Rosie.  Paladin healing is very different from the AoE and massive heal-over-time affects that Druids use.  Reading about the art of Pally Healing on forums and blogs is helpful but by no means the best way to learn how to do it.  Random groups are not patient with a “noob” healer, and the only know two Holy Pallies to ask for help.  One is my Raid Leader.  I can just see it now, “Hey, I just took my old tank that was collecting moth balls, and respecced her to heal. . .I know you think I suck healing with my Druid, but maybe you can give me some pointers on how to not suck on the Pally?  That way, I can come to more raids, and maybe roll against you for gear?”  Yeah, I don’t think he’d really welcome that.  My other Holly Pally buddy is on another server, and is a (gasp) Alliance!  Yeah, as much as I’d love to run with her and get her to teach me the ropes, this whole Alliance/Horde War thing won’t let me. 

            That just leaves Naughtia.  Naughtia is my tailor and enchanter.  I leveled her to make money.  She is geared just enough to run heroics, but her DPS is bad.  I’m a little ashamed to take her out, actually.  So, she stands in her pretty white robes (A warlock wearing priestly-looking robes, thank you Transmogging!) and she sews bags for the auction house, and disenchants greens for the materials, and she looks pretty.  That’s about all she’s good for.  

            So, I play “BC” content on a hunter that could do much more, and I have three level 85s going to waste.  It seems strange, I know, but I’m actually enjoying playing the hunter.  I think that as long as I devote my time splitting between several different classes, I will continue to be a mediocre player.  I am becoming a “jack of all trades and master of none.”  I am learning Kheylar gradually.  I will keep practicing my rotation, running dungeons to see how to work with a group, and keep questing.  I would like to see her earn the “Shattered Sun” achievements and title.  There’s no real use for that anymore—it’s just something that I haven’t done in the game yet. 

            I’ll keep you posted on how things go with Kheylar as she grows, and how things go with Rosie and Rezina, too.  I know me.  I know that I will get bored with Kheylar soon and want to, say, take Rosie out to get the highest item level gear possible on her; or take Rezzie out on a dungeon binge with some guildies and decide I like healing with her.  That’s just not this week.  This week has been all about low-stress fun with my hunter.  I’ll try to stick to those three main ones for now.

            But then again, there is my baby-priest, Toshina. . . I sure do like playing a Shadow Priest with her. 

            To be continued. . .

Emotional Attachment Is Important

I will admit it—I am a bad blogger. I do not update my site weekly, much less daily. I apologize. Life gets in the way sometimes, and the desire to sit down and be creative doesn’t always strike me. In fact, when my mind is busy thinking about getting through a day at work, caring for my family, and paying bills, the creative juices just do not have the opportunity to thrive. I don’t mean this as an excuse by any means; just an explanation.
I am still playing World of Warcraft, just not as much. I have a scattered focus right now. I have worked on my Paladin, Rezina, until I am sick of playing her. I am frustrated with my Druid, RedRosie. Since Blizzard keeps changing the way a Druid plays, my favorite toon seems less and less attractive. I finished Outland with her in Balance Spec and quickly found out that Northrend was not a friendly place for her. She cannot take a hit. She has trouble when more than one enemy attacks her. Her casts are slow and unwieldy. For survivability, I went back to Feral Cat Spec—but am not happy with that either. I prefer playing a caster to melee classes. Yes, she can take a hit, even multiple hits, but she still struggles with multiple targets.
Hubby and I also have a caster duo that we are leveling together. I play a warlock, and he plays a mage. He hopes that someday we can raid with them. I do not think I will raid with my ‘lock unless she gets much more interesting before level 85. Right now, at level 65, my rotation is this:
• Send in my Felgaurd
• Start applying DoTs
• Start casting Shadow Bolt. . .which is usually interrupted when Hubby’s Mage casts his one Pyroblast.
• Watch Hubby’s Mage run around to find his second target because he now has a proc—second enemy falls as hubby one-shots him.
• Sigh, loot, look for next target
• Rinse, repeat
I have felt the desire to do something new and different. I rolled a Tauren Hunter, leveled her up to level 9, and abandoned her. I rolled a Gnome Shaman, leveled her to 16, and got frustrated with the chore of managing totems. I keep looking at the Troll Mage and Goblin Priest, both under level 20, that I think about playing but never have the time. I have two Worgen on other servers that I’d also love to level up but, again, no time.
I’ve looked at RIFT in different articles and promotional videos, and been impressed with the character customization aspects of it. Toons look like you want them to. They play with spells the way you want to play them. No more cookie-cutter, “right” spec. But, it’s a new world, new community, and another time sink that I do not have. So, for now, RIFT is on a shelf in the back of my mind, sitting beside several of my World of Warcraft alts.
My Horde guild broke up. I was happy with the raiding opportunities that guild offered, but not happy with the social aspect (or lack thereof). They spoke, they ran dungeons and farmed or crafted, but there wasn’t a sense of family that I had felt with my Alliance guild. We’ve since then joined a social guild—one of the top guilds on our server. I’ve even tanked a few raids for them on Rezina and healed a couple on Rosie. My frustration is that, again, it’s lacking that family, social feel. They don’t know me. When I change alts, they don’t know me. Many of the other people in the guild are much younger than I am, and I get the feeling that I am one of the rare female players in the guild.
I am not giving up World of Warcraft by any means. I am just going through a “down” period, where it just isn’t as fulfilling as it once was. Part of it is the lack of time that I am putting into it, and part of it is my own lack of focus and desire to try something new in the game. I had one character I enjoyed who is now almost unplayable because of “nerfs.” The rest of them, well, I don’t have the emotional attachment to them that I have with her because I have not played them. I also don’t feel the sense of community I once did. When I look around the blogosphere, I see that I’m not the only one feeling this way.
Blizzard, may I make a suggestion? Instead of focusing on adjusting abilities of an entire class to please the few player who complain about arena fairness, focus on making the game more engaging to the majority of the players. Give us more options with talent trees, abilities, and character customization. I think this would help many of us, not just me, enjoy playing WoW a little more.

Travy and Rezzie go to Uldum

Okay, so grats me—my Tankadin, Rezina, just reached 85. Applause, applause all around. I know I’m a slow leveler. Many people had their main leveled to 85 back before Christmas. But I had distractions. Real life distractions like going to Ohio to see my family for the holidays, work being crazy, and the whole Christmas Shopping/Wrapping Presents/Decorating the Tree thing. And then there were WoW-Life distractions too—mainly my big red cowgirl. Sometimes I think that if I had started out with a Druid, I would have never played any other alt. Then I look at my very full character screen and realize that I am an altaholic and I need help. Luckily, I have Rezzie to keep my alts to a lifestyle that they will become accustomed to. Make that—Rezzie has her husband Traverse to keep her and her alts in the money.  Being married to an Auction House Wheeler-Dealer is good.
Travy, as he’s affectionately known, is my husband’s blond headed warrior. We started them together way back when he first introduced me to Wow. Then they were human and on another server. Now they are self-centered, diabolical blood elves. And we’ve never had more fun playing them. We make frequent jokes about hair care products, which one is “prettier,” and Trav’s “Metrosexuality.” We both giggle when we hear Trav say the typical warrior complaint of, “Need more rage!” As a human, he demanded it. As a blood elf, Travy’s demand is more of a prissy whine. IRL, my hubby is about as metrosexual as a rock. He would rather run around in sweatpants and a t-shirt than dress up. He’s a simple guy who dresses for comfort—so different from his main!
Unlike me. I so love to wear plate metal and jump in front of monsters and dragons, toss my head, and say, “Hit me, jerk!” Yeah, that’s my idea of a hot date! (I hope you’re reading the sarcasm there. . . )
We quested through Mount Hyjal and Deepholm to level 84. We had to make a choice—Twilight Highlands or Uldum. I had read about Uldum’s interesting quest line and I am a mount and pet collector—so I must have a camel! So, off to Uldum we flew.
Uldum was worth the long trip! It was beautiful—a crowning achievement for the game designers! It also has by far has some of the most interesting quests in the game. I loved the whole “Harrison Jones/Bellock” quest line. I must watch the Indiana Jones movies again because I might have missed a few of the references, but most of them I got.  I also love the Gnome-killing quest, the name currently escapes me. In that quest, you steer a flaming ball down a hill to murder 1,000 screaming gnomes. I understand there are requests on the official Blizzard Forums to make this a repeatable quest. I would like to throw in my vote—I would happily come to Uldum every day to burn gnomes as well as smack 30 “Thieving Little Pluckers” on the head with a mallet.
My only criticism of the Uldum quests would be the bugs that made completing some quests difficult. They usually happened when we were grouped together and tried to turn in a quest that finished with a cinematic. I had to abandon and restart the final “Harrison” quest three times because the cinematic would freeze, and then when it restarted, the quest-giver was gone. I’d be standing there with a completed quest and no one to give me my reward! This happened once to my husband as well, with other cinematic quests. I think that Blizzard should look at the effects of people turning in these quests while grouped up, because when we abandoned the quests and then separated, we were able to complete them.

Am I a Momma Bear or a Tree-Hugger?

Since I’m not playing as much as I used to, I have been considering new play styles. I can take my time, slow down, enjoy learning the mechanics of a new alt and how the toon best “plays,” without feeling the internal pressure to rush to 85, get geared, and get ready to raid—go, go, go! I felt as if I rushed through leveling my three “mains” and getting them geared for raiding even though tedious heroics made me want to gag. One thing I do miss was the support that my guild-mates showed me in helping me run through instances, learn my role, improve my performance, and not suck. Am I a great player? No. I know what it takes to be a great player—lots of time, focus, and fast reflexes. I have none of these. But, the folks in my guilds, and of course, my ever-loving hubby, helped me make up for all that by giving me tips on gear, talent trees, and rotations.
So, about that new play style and wanting to experiment: I want to compare Tanking, DPS, and Healer Roles. I am mainly talking about my current “favorite” toon. My little “Cowgirl” (Tauren Druid) turned 51 last night. I cannot believe how fast I’m leveling with her. I keep going back and forth on how I play her. Initially, I planned on dual-specing her to Tank in Feral and to DPS in Boomkin. I was inspired by some very good druids I know and love on my Alliance Servers. When they were in Boomkin or cat forms, they were tops on the DPS Charts. When we needed a good tank, they turned to a bear and literally mauled down mobs, and still put out good DPS numbers.
When we needed an emergency healer—hey, they were more than able to deliver. The restoration druids that I’ve played with usually have other healing toons as well, namely priests (But one really good guild mate with has a hunter for a Main, so my theory could be flawed). So, I gave the possibility of making a healing druid about a millisecond of thought before dismissing it because I don’t heal. I’m the tank-girl. I am the chick in the plate armor who runs up to monsters, throws her “Avenger Shield” at them, and yells, “Hit the pretty girl! You know you want to mess up this face!” That’s been my play style since I started WoW.
I was going through a PVP phase when we started playing our new Horde alts. I did a battleground where I was druid # 3. One was killing Alliance players, mowing down the playing field almost literally, a perfect kitty killing machine. One was so fast that he kept beating me to the flag room—I guess he had some sort of enchant or speed-buff of some kind. And, then, there was me. I didn’t feel as if I served a purpose with this group except to block for the flag carrier. I went with him to guard him, and then I noticed that he was losing HP. I gave him a quick heal, and we made it safely to the flag room. He whispered me, “Thanks! Go with me again? Keep me up?” I had found my role. We’d sneak over in cat form, stealthed. He’d grab the flag, I’d run with him to protect him and keep healing him. We won that battleground, I got more honor points that usual, and I started thinking maybe I wouldn’t be too bad healing as an off-spec.
I’ve had a few more experiences like that since then. I’ve been in randoms where the healer was killed or needed some help. I’ve been questing with hubby and healed him occasionally. I downloaded Vudu, and started using it for buffs mainly, but sometimes to fill-in heal. I just can’t commit to changing my talent tree and making healing a permanent, viable option.
I occasionally tank in bear form, but without a good AoE Taunt in the lower levels, I have problems holding hate. Bear tanking and Paladin Tanking are very different. Rezina just flips her shield and her hair(loving Blood Elf animations—they are so prissy), drops a consecration, and then taunts stragglers back with a “tab and taunt” until everyone goes down. Bears don’t have that luxury. I have trouble managing my pulls with growls and holding onto larger mobs. To combat this, I go slow. Slow tanks are not popular tanks, and people will start pulling on their own and expect me to taunt them off. I honestly have not tried it again for about 10 levels because of a few bad experiences with wipes and healers leaving group. I know that bears gain better skills for holding hate at higher levels. I just haven’t paid that much attention to them. I’ve been too busy trying to figure out Balance.
When I got my druid to 30, I stayed true to my plan and dual-speced Balance. I wanted to play a Boomkin badly—had looked forward to ruling the DPS meters the way my other Boomkin friends had. I bought new gear with intellect and spirit and queued up for a random. And was the “Fail” player of the group. The tank even called me by name and said, “Where’s your DPS?” I told him that I had just re-speced, and he advised me, “Go back. You messed up.”
I have been disappointed with other runs since then. Twenty levels later, I’m still doing much higher DPS in Feral than Balance. I now understand why Boomkin leveling is slower—it takes much longer to kill mobs, and I am much less durable. I have reworked my talent tree twice and I keep buying new Boomkin gear—now adding more critical hit over spirit, so now I have mana issues. I am confused with the eclipse mechanic, and I am frustrated at the long cast times that spells like Wrath and Starfire have. And I don’t know how to best use Faerie Fire—stack it up, or let it tick down like a Warlock’s DOTs? What’s good DPS for a Boomkin at this level? Maybe I’m average and I just don’t know it. Maybe I let one jerk in a PUG make me feel incompetent? There is a wealth of druid information online because they are such a complicated but popular class. The problem is finding up-to-date, accurate information since we just had a new expansion. Most of the stuff I find on gearing, talent trees, and mechanics is either written for level 85s running raids; or if it’s for my level it’s usually outdated Vanilla or BC Wow information.
So, what to do, what to do? I am almost to Outland, where I will start tweaking my play style for the big grind to 85. I’d like to know what I’m doing before I get there. Will I be Tanking? Doing DPS as a cat or a Boomkin? Or will I actually re-spec and give healing a try? I can’t decide!

Blast From the Past

I regularly submit “Breakfast Topics” to Wow Insider. Sometime, they get published. Most of the time, they don’t. I was looking through some of my submissions and found this peice that I wrote back in October, when the excitment about Cataclysm was heating up. Anyone else have these kinds of fears leading up to the expansion?

New toys? For meee? I hope I don’t break them this time!”
The Cataclysm is coming. It’s official—the start date (or death date of the Old World, if you prefer) is December 7. We’re getting new races, new race/class combinations, revamped zones, new battlegrounds and instances, and new talent trees that will change the way we play our game. There is celebration throughout the land of Azeroth!
Okay, so every party has a pooper, and I guess I am the one.
I have two level 80’s that I play regularly: A Tankadin and a Mage. I have just started getting comfortable with my tanking role. I have mastered the 969 rotation and learned where to throw my Avenger’s Shield to get hate most effectively. I have built my Mage up to doing decent DPS in her Arcane spec and am finishing off my tier 9 gear set. (Just one more piece to get)
I was not chosen for the Beta, so I haven’t tried out the new “toys” firsthand. I can only go by the information I get from the community. What I have been reading and hearing from friends who are in the beta makes me nervous. It’s a completely new game, they say. My Mage’s Tier 9 Gear will be replaced by green quest rewards, therefore being obsolete. The portals in Dal and Shatt are gone, which means I‘ll have to fend off more whispers when I’m in the Auction House from people asking me to port them around!
My poor Paladin will be more manna dependent than she already is. Game play will be less about rotations and more about managing something called “Holy Power” to get the bigger hits. My Mage will have to worry about keeping full manna too—and take a bigger part in groups by using her Crowd Control abilities. Heck, I may have to dust off my Polymorph button and put it back on my toolbar! (I still think that every time I Polymorph a caster, some Warlock is going to drop Rain of Fire or Death Knight drop a Death and Decay square on the little guy’s head! In cases like that, I wish I could fire an Arcane Blast straight at the offender’s head!)
The unknown worries me. I am afraid that Cataclysm will bring such wide-sweeping changes to the basics game mechanics that I will have trouble relearning how to play my “girls,” especially the Pally. I may find out that tanking with her is just too complicated for me to master. I sincerely hope not, because my Pally is my “Main” and I have put the most time and effort into learning how to play her “well.” I’d hate to give her up, cast her aside as I did so many broken toys as a child.
But, then again, maybe I’ll find a new toy to love. Who knows what the Cataclysm will bring.

Server Whining

Hello there, Blog-world. Remember me? Probably not. It’s been a little while since I’ve posted, but there was a few things that kept me from posting. We had a holiday, I went out of town for almost a week for that holiday. Then, when I came home, we had a blizzard. Now, for people with normal jobs, that means more time at home. But, not for me. I work for a call center that handles Roadside Service for two states. That means I spent long hours telling people, “No, we can’t get a tow truck up your hill to pull you out of your driveway.” I really wish North Carolina would put the money into clearing roads that other states do—like, say, West Virginia. On the way home from my Mother’s house, we passed no less than 7 plows salting the roads proactively. Ahhh! I wish North Carolina was that forward-thinking.
Okay, this isn’t a “complain about the government” site, this is a “talk about World of Warcraft” site. I have some free time this morning because the WoW server is broken. It’s been broken since last night, actually. But, last night wasn’t as bad because I could get on. Oh, hubby had issues with slow logins, and I felt sorry for him, but I got on with only one small hiccup. Today, we’ve flip-flopped. I am listening to his Warlock drive around Undercity on his motorcycle, and I have to sit. . . waiting until the server decides I’m worthy enough to play.
Hey, I’ve been a good girl today! I have cleaned the house, ran the sweeper, loaded the dishwasher, and washed a load of laundry. I did all of this before I tried to log on, just getting my house in order before I spent several hours on a computer leveling my Druid and Paladin. The server just does not see fit to let me on. I guess it thinks I should do something else, like mop a floor or something. Maybe then I’d deserve playtime?
I went on the Blizzard Technical Support Forums to see when they thought they’d have it fixed. There are posts after posts of people complaining about how they have been robbed of their precious play-time. They pay a monthly subscription fee to play, and now that they have a day off from work, Blizzard is taking a long time fixing the login problems. Even worse—the server that is affected is the one for people with Authenticators. People who use Account Authenticators have paid about $7.50 to protect their accounts from hackers and gold-thieves. Blizzard encourages the use of Authenticators, and now their use is keeping players from logging on. It almost feels like a double slap to our playing egos.
There are a few players on the Community Forums who are suggesting we disable our authenticators to log on again. I hope no one takes this advice seriously. The gold thieves would love for us to delete our authenticators so they could rob our banks and our guilds’ banks. We even make it easier for them by posting we’re doing that on the Community Forum. You might as well post in huge, block letters, “Dear hackers, hit me first!”
I feel so sorry for the people at Blizzard, working on a Sunday Morning, trying to fix an issue that is obviously larger than they thought it would be. I also feel sorry for the other people who, like me, have their WoW time planned out for today because they have “real lives” during the week. Some of the posts are angry, some of them pitiful, some are actually begging, “Please, Blizzard, let me play my game. I’ll do anything you ask!” It all reminds me of drug addicts begging for a hook-up. It’s just a game. Sometimes, we forget that. We get completely absorbed with the different world, the adventure, the friendships, and the feeling of being someone else. I could write an entire article on the psychology of WoW and why it is so satisfying to play. But, right now, I think I’ll find something more practical to do, like go mop that kitchen floor. Maybe by the time I’m done, Blizzard will have the problem fixed and I can log onto my game. Just maybe.