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An Open Letter To My Druid

Rosie getting ready for another wipe

To my druid, Miss RedRosie:  You and I have been constant companions for a little more than a year now.  I have watched you grow from a timid little heifer learning how to use your druidic powers into the strong, well-geared healer that you have become.  We have defeated Cho ’gal, Nefarian, Al’Akar, and the mighty Deathwing together.  We never were able to take down Ragnaros, but we sure did let him know that we were there!  We even went back in time to defeat Illidan and the Lich King, just for the experience of it all. 

We’ve explored Azeroth together on your magical wings.  We’ve picked countless stacks of herbs, visited far off lands, and killed thousands of enemies.  But, you and I have hit a brick wall in our relationship. 

It all started with that bitch, Alysrazor.  Strike that—it started with Nefarion, when you were too slow to climb out of the lava trap that he’d set for us and cause us all to die.  Finally, through sheer luck and a lot of coaching from your friends, you managed to get that big behind out of the lava.  The team defeated Nefarion, and we were able to move on to a more dangerous place:  Firelands.  I forgave you then, Rosie, because you seemed to have overcome your slowness.

That’s when we first met Alysrazor and her fire tornados.  Your guildies were depending on you to keep them alive, Rosie.  A dead healer cannot heal.  Even in cat form. with the two stacks of the “wings of fire” buff and using your dash ability, you just couldn’t manage it for a long time.  Soon, your Raid Leader started recruiting healers, and other guild-mates lovingly teased you about your affinity to fire.  Wowcrendor even lampooned this lack of ability in his film, “How to Tell If Your Guild is Bad.” 

The issues continued to the Ragnaros battle.  Your loving guildies would even call out when Ragnaros’s hammer of flames was headed in your direction.  “Rosie, it’s on our side, move!” 

My frustration comes from the fact that I’m smarter than this.  I am not a noob, I am not an idiot.  But, when I raid with you, there is more going on than I can process.  I am looking at health bars, HoT ticks, and trying to watch the fight so I know when to pump out bigger heals.  All these things combined,something  that so many other people do so well, is something that you and I working together just do not do enough to put out high healing numbers  That is why your Raid Leader was forced to replace you on regular Dragon Soul raids.  They no longer have confidence in you.  Neither do I.

You are a great dungeon healer.  You get compliments for the way that you keep the group up in heroics.  You are able to go into the “Raid Finder” version of Dragon Soul and put out good heals.  But, I just don’t think you’re cut out for a regular raid group.  And I want to take a break from you, until I get over my frustration.  It’s not permanent “putting out to pasture” , so don’t go off to Moonglade or Thunder Bluff and settle down with some nice Bull just yet.  It’s just a rethinking period.  Rosie, I just need to figure out why we just can’t get to the next level.  Because, really, you’re such a nice cow.