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How Altoholic Are You?

Rezina Jr

Hello there gentle readers!  (Okay, if you don’t blog for a long time, you probably don’t have any readers, but I digress).  I am alive and doing okay. . . Hubby’s been very sick, and I no longer work.  I’m his full-time caretaker.  He’s on bed rest, which means that there are periods of high activity when I take care of him, and then periods where I have nothing to do.  So, I have started playing WoW hot and heavy again.  I went back to Nordrassill, started leveling a new Paladin (creatively named “Rezina Jr Ha!) and have been having a great time solo leveling in dungeons.

I have a philosophy when it comes to leveling JR:  (Apologies to George RR Martin)

1) We do not quest!  (well, except for dungeon quests and Pet Battle Dailies.)

2) We take what is ours with fire and blood! (Kill everything in the dungeon and take all the loot for myself to sell on the AH)

3) We always pay our (debts) dues.  (Doing all the dungeons as they turn green on the “Dungeon Finder.”

It’s worked rather well and JR has leveled rather quickly.  She’s went from 20-something to 45 in just a few weeks.  I am enjoying leveling her and getting to take my time going through these old dungeons, learning the mechanics with a fresh mind, etc. 

And then I read this on one of my favorite WoW Fansites, Wow Insider:

This guy leveled 50 alts in about 2 years time.  He’s now working on getting them to 90–but he did the grind from 0-85 for 50 alts in just 2 years!  He has a wife, a job, a life outside of WoW.  I am impressed!!!

I love playing alts, creating new ones, coming up with names and personalities and back-stories for them.  But, could I level 50 of them?  That might be impossible for me, even now that I don’t have a job.  Most of my alts are around level 30-40.  I just don’t have that much focus. 

So, how about you?  Could you do it?  Or, are you ADD when it comes to your alts, too?



The Altoholics Lament

There’s just not enough time.
There is so many things that I want to accomplish, both in real life and in game. I want to travel. I want to do historical research and finish my two articles I started. I want to finish all the books that I have started writing. I want to clean my house from top to bottom. I want to finish my college education. Okay, that takes money along with time, and I have neither.
I have unfinished projects like that in the game too, but they’re called “alts.” Last night I blew the dust off of my Paladin, Rezina. I had been looking at her achievements on the Armory and discovered to my dismay that my oldest character was only one zone away from the “World Explorer” achievement. So, she and I went swimming in Vashj’ir. I even did the first few quests in the zone so that I could get the seahorse mount and make the time go a little quicker. Playing her was like having a conversation with an old friend. It was comfortable and fun, but I didn’t quite understand her as well as I used to.
After I got the achievement, I took her back home to Orgrimmar and thought about taking her to a dungeon. She’s dual-specced for tanking and healing. Her best gear is her healing set, but I feel more comfortable tanking with her. As I thought more about it, I realized that playing her would mean hours of studying to learn the rotations, and running dungeons over and over for valor points to get both gear sets to where they need to be. In other words, it would take time, which is too valuable a commodity to invest.
I have this goal in the back of my mind, you see. I’d like to have ten toons, all maxed leveled, maxed professions, and geared well. So, if I wanted to, say, take out druid and heal, or take out Rezzie for tanking, or take out my hunter Kheylar and just shoot bad guys, well, I could do it.
Many people do that. Most of them are either college kids, housewives, or retired older folks. Or, they have been playing World of Warcraft since it came out in 2006. They understand the class mechanics and rotations of all ten toons. They invest the time because that’s something that they have.
I have many “baby alts” that are sitting at low levels. I started them because I wanted to try that specific class/race combination. I have enjoyed playing them and hope that someday I can get back to them. My favorite is Toshina, my goblin priest. She’s level 31, and nothing but a ball of green sass and energy. I adore their movement animations. They walk with a bounce in their steps and their ears wiggle. They hop around, looking as if casting is such hard work for their little bodies. But, they get the job done. After all, “Time is money, friend! I got mouths to feed!” (I love it when they say that!)
So little time, so many things I’d like to do with my time. Too many alts to master and play. Common sense tells me that I need to pick two or three toons and focus mainly on them. I’ve learned the hard way that I am not good playing my druid and may never be. Paladins have such complicated mechanics, I don’t know if I will ever master playing Rezina again, and I am afraid to try. So, I will continue to dabble with my babies until I find that one that I am good at and is fun for me. After all, WoW is a game to entertain me in my leisure time—not an all encompassing activity. I have one of those already, and that’s being a mommy.