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Razor Hill, Durotar

A young scarlet drake was perched high on a bluff above the small orcish settlement. He watched the comings and goings of the townsfolk with interest. “There goes a young Orc monk, oh, and there’s an Orc with an imp trailing behind. . .”

“Shush, Allerostraz,” His companion chuckled, “You talk too much, just like Krasus!” She removed her heavy plate gloves in order to rub the drake’s long neck more gently.

“Did he talk too much? I barely remember him. Now, my mother, I know, is good at making speeches.” Al’s eyes sparkled with mischief as he cleared his throat and recited with his most feminine, regal voice, “You are Azeroth’s true guardians, and the future of this world is in your hands. For the dawning of the Age of Mortals…has begun.”

In spite of herself, Commander Rezina Sunfire laughed aloud. “You’re right, Al, you sound just like her.” The memory of the day Alexstrasza, the Dragon Queen had said that to their assembled group had been nothing short of spectacular. It was the day Rezina and her comrades had killed Deathwing. She could still remember the stench of Deathwing’s tainted blood,hear the shouts of the soldiers for heals, and see her dear friends around her, trying to inflict the most damage possible to end the evil dragon’s plans. She loved her brothers and sisters in arms. She protected them as best she could, by keeping Deathwing distracted as they attacked him. Everyone had been there it seemed when Deathwing was finally slain. Well, almost everyone. . .

“Rezzie, I see Rosie, Bullshield, the Fae Sisters, Lutheran, Ally. . . They must have arrived together.” Al flexed his wings and looked at the Paladin sadly. “Kheylar is not with them.”

“What about Lady Naughtia and Master Khamel?”

“No, I haven’t seen them either.”

“Hummm. . . ” Rezina replaced her gauntlets and mounted the red drake. “Be ready for anything.” She told him.

“Ah! The motto of the Sin’dorei!” Allerostraz took flight and quickly glided down to the entrance of the Razor Hill Inn.

Rezina kept her fingers on the pommel of her mace as she entered the inn. These were dangerous times, and one could barely trust even dear friends these days. Not too long ago, a high ranking sister of the Blood Knights had been murdered by the Warcheif’s lackeys for speaking out against him in this very inn. The wooden structure had been hastily rebuilt–the loss of a leader to the Sin’dorei Forces was not so easily fixed.

Today, there were greetings, hugs, and smiles on the faces of all the inn patrons. One in particular surprised Rezina simply with his presence. Damn that drake–he had not mentioned he was with the rest of the party!


Her ex-husband nodded and offered her a pint of ale. He had arrived early and purchased her a drink, as was his custom. She considered declining the drink–but decided that Nostrademus’s rescue was more important than her considerable pride. She thanked him and took the pint.

After the initial greetings were received, Traverse stood up to address the assembled group. “Time is of the essence. Does anyone know where our hostess is this evening?”

The young goblin Fanci Fae rose from the table she shared with her sister Lilly and spoke. “If Nos were here, he would simply wave his hands and create a portal for all of us using arcane magic. I may not have that ability, but I can take us to where we need to go.” With that said, Fanci began to channel a dark, monstrous device. The Fel-portal opened up, ready to send the party to wherever Naughtia was. One by one, each person stepped through the portal as Rezina guarded the young warlock. Only when everyone else was safely through, and they were assured no one would follow, Rezina and Fanci stepped through. Fanci closed the portal behind her.

They found themselves in a small cave lit with numerous torches. Lady Naughtia was seated on a rock, surrounded by her demonic minions. She was unusually dressed in a black workshirt and dark silk slacks. Is was an odd site indeed to see the vain blood elf dressed in anything but the finest attire.

Naughtia met each of their gazes steadily. “Thank you for coming. I know that we have not always shared the most pleasant of company,” she stared at the Tauren couple in the back of the crowd, “but one thing we all share is our love and respect for my brother, Nostrademus. He was captured by Kor’kron guards and taken prisoner for speaking negatively against the Warchief and Regent Lord Lor’themar Theron.

Rezina was offended by the thought of someone speaking out against her own beloved leader. Lord Theron had led the Sin’dorei through the rebuilding of their beautiful capital of Silvermoon and the subsequent wars with the Burning Legion, the Lich King, and Deathwing. Why would Nos speak out against him? Surely that was a lie from the Kor’krons to slander him! She said as much, “Nostrademus would not speak against the Regent Lord! He may complain about the way we’re governed, surely, but not to the point that he has earned execution!”

Naughtia chuckled, her eyes lowering into slits. “Yet another silly girl my bother has fooled. He has wanted nothing more than to become the rules of the Sin’dorei all of our lives! Silly fools, do you not know? Nostrademus hungers for power and glory. He was only biding his time. I have no doubt that he said these things.”

The Tauren Serath spoke up. “Then perhaps he deserves his fate?”

Everyone collectively gasped. The troll priestess Allyangel was the first to regain her speech. “My brother, no one deserves the suffering that Garrosh will inflict upon Nos. I have seen what he and his Blackrock Orcs are capable of doing. I have treated the ones who they only maimed or beat within inches of their own lives, My own leader,Vol’jin, was attacked and left for dead! There is true evil in the heart of our ‘Warchief’ that we must fight against!”

Naughtia looked at each one of them in turn. “Paladin, Death Knight, you two will lead the raid.” She said to Rezina and Lilly Fae. “Taurens, Ally, can you give us your blessings and your heals?” Ally readily agreed. Rosie gave a swift nod to Serath, who then affirmed to Naughtia.

To the rest of the assembled group, Naughtia said, “We are a team out of balance. We have a warrior, another Paladin, and two practicers of fel magic. This will be difficult, and we are missing two important people. But, we dare not fail. If we do, my brother and your leader, will die.”

Dungeons of Doom, beneath Orgrimmar

He heard struggling in the darkness. Those sons of whores had captured another traitor. Nostrademus tugged at the arcane bindings specially made to hold powerful mages such as he held fast. He kept testing them; because once he found the slightest weakness in his prison he’d be casting firebolts up each Kor’kron’s behind. He promised himself that he would not stop until he burned down Hellscream’s throne.

The sounds were getting louder. Nos could tell that there was a small crowd of guards administering to their capture. He supposed the new prisoners were either Trolls or Alliance. Blood Elves normally pretended to go along with the Warchief’s insane plans. Lord Regent Theron would continue this course until an easier solution presented itself.

He expected to hear the group pass by his cell, but they stopped. He felt a tingle of fear as he realized they could throw any sort of monster in with him, and he was helpless to defend himself. Because he was blindfolded he could not even see an attack coming. The enchanted bindings that held him to his cot also dulled his senses, so using even the simplest spell was out of the question.

A woman gasped. He knew that voice! His parched throat bleated out her name, “Kheylar?”

“Nos, my love! What have they done–OOF!”

“Silence traitor!” Nos knew that voice too. That was Garrosh Hellscream.

“Well, well, well, Garrosh, not only do you have one of the most powerful wizards of the Sunreavers, but his favorite paramour as well. You’re giving me both to experiment on, correct?”
Nostrademus held his breath. That voice belonged to none other than Lady Sylvanas.

Kheylar then spoke up. “Milady, I will be happy to join your Dark Rangers by passing from the living by your command. I only ask that you spare Nostrademus. He has done nothing but misspoke while drinking in a bar. . . ”

The sound of a slap was inescapable. Kheylar whimpered. “Surely you’re joking, Kheylar.” The Dark Lady chuckled. “You attempted to murder Loyal Guards of the Horde AND break a prisoner free from this very prison. My Dark Rangers are the elite of the elite. I have no room for traitors or foolish girls who think with their lady parts instead of their brains!”

Kheylar wailed. Her dream, since she was a little girl, had been to serve Lady Sylvanas. Now, that dream was gone and Kheylar’s heroine had LAUGHED at her! Nos longed to get Kheylar away from Orgrimmar, to hold her close in his arms, kiss her lips, and tell her that she was better off alive and serving Silvermoon City. He could not move from his bindings to be any comfort to her.

Hellscream growled maliciously. “it’s up to that simpering Theron to decide the woman’s fate. He hadn’t arrived yet. As for him, you will conduct the experiment now.”

“With her observing? That may sully the results if she is ever a test subject.” Sylvanas informed him.

“Do not question me, bitch! We need to test out the formula on elves and since we have no Nigh Elf scum in our prison at the moment, their distant cousins will have to suffice.”

Nos did not see Lady Sylvanas’s reaction. He only heard her say “Master Khamel, you may begin.”

Kheylar cursed their former brother-in-arms. He ignored her and simply said, “Commander, it’s a pleasure to see you again. Guards, remove his clothing, please.” And then the torture began.


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