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Rezina Jr

Hello there gentle readers!  (Okay, if you don’t blog for a long time, you probably don’t have any readers, but I digress).  I am alive and doing okay. . . Hubby’s been very sick, and I no longer work.  I’m his full-time caretaker.  He’s on bed rest, which means that there are periods of high activity when I take care of him, and then periods where I have nothing to do.  So, I have started playing WoW hot and heavy again.  I went back to Nordrassill, started leveling a new Paladin (creatively named “Rezina Jr Ha!) and have been having a great time solo leveling in dungeons.

I have a philosophy when it comes to leveling JR:  (Apologies to George RR Martin)

1) We do not quest!  (well, except for dungeon quests and Pet Battle Dailies.)

2) We take what is ours with fire and blood! (Kill everything in the dungeon and take all the loot for myself to sell on the AH)

3) We always pay our (debts) dues.  (Doing all the dungeons as they turn green on the “Dungeon Finder.”

It’s worked rather well and JR has leveled rather quickly.  She’s went from 20-something to 45 in just a few weeks.  I am enjoying leveling her and getting to take my time going through these old dungeons, learning the mechanics with a fresh mind, etc. 

And then I read this on one of my favorite WoW Fansites, Wow Insider:

This guy leveled 50 alts in about 2 years time.  He’s now working on getting them to 90–but he did the grind from 0-85 for 50 alts in just 2 years!  He has a wife, a job, a life outside of WoW.  I am impressed!!!

I love playing alts, creating new ones, coming up with names and personalities and back-stories for them.  But, could I level 50 of them?  That might be impossible for me, even now that I don’t have a job.  Most of my alts are around level 30-40.  I just don’t have that much focus. 

So, how about you?  Could you do it?  Or, are you ADD when it comes to your alts, too?



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