Working Mom of Three, History Buff, Writer, World of Warcraft Addict. . .My Comments on My Crazy Life.

I’m up early this morning, downloading the new Public Test Realm patch. I’m a little excited to see some of the changes that WoW 4.3 will bring. Transmoging and Void Storage, not to mention killing that dastardly dragon Deathwing, are all within my sneek-peeking. . . soon as this slow computer loads it up.

Not everyone goes onto the PTR. Some folks worry that it will mess up their game or their computer because it’s not a finished version of the patch. Others simply want to be surprised. These are the same folks who refuse to read articles about movies that say “Spoiler Alert!” Or, they are uncomfortable spending time playing a copy their toon in a test realm when they could be investing the real time in their real toon.

I am a nosey person by nature. I like knowing the inside scoop. It makes me feel included. So, I am tickled to death that I get to hop onto the PTR with my druid.

(Taps foot) Okay, so it is so slow uploading that it is now time for me to get ready for work. This means that I will have to go take my “Sneek-Peek” later this evening when I come home for work. It’s raid night, but I haven’t been included in the Firelands Raids–we have 3 druids and I am the one with the lowest DPS. So, I’m an alternate. It’s okay, It’s my own fault that I’m slow on my buttons, I always have been.

So, I’ll probably be testing out the test realm while the guild does Firelands. That will give me something to look forward to. Come on, work day, hurry up and be over! Oh, how I wish I could get paid for playing World of Warcraft. haha


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