Working Mom of Three, History Buff, Writer, World of Warcraft Addict. . .My Comments on My Crazy Life.

Rosie at 85

Hello again! I took a little break from WoW and tried RIFT for the summer. I liked RIFT and found it easy to learn because it was so much like WoW, but. . . it just wasn’t the same. After the 6 month subscription ended, Hubby and I went back to WoW.

It was funny how while playing RIFT, we did not have the desire to spend as much time on the computer. We went places. The house was cleaner. We watched television shows and movies again. We had a life outisde of the our computer “virtual world.”

Then, one day I was playing around on Youtube and found a funny World of Warcraft Video. The video had snipits of the game’s soundtrack. . . Orgimmar’s theme music, to be exact. Hubby and I looked at each other expectantly. That theme music re-ignited our love for the game, and much like Pavlov’s Dogs answering that famous bell, we resubscribed to WoW and returned to our beloved toons.

We joined a new guild where we feel like we finally fit in. We have our chosen raiders leveled up, and three week’s time we have them geared fairly well. We’re having fun with the game again. That is the important thing. It’s fun.

Oh, BTW:  the picture to the left is Rosie the day that she hit 85, three weeks ago.  We’ve finished Bastion of Twilight, Blackwing Decent, and the Gawd-Awful Throne of the Four Winds in the past three weeks, and started on Firelands Trash.  So, my favorite cow looks a little different since she posed for this picture.


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