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All this haterade bores me. (Yawn

A direct quote from that sweetheart, Wolfshead.  “It gets worse, it always does. The players through no fault of their own have become virtual slackers addicted to a steady drip feed of rewards. Shooting fish in a barrel would require too much skill for today’s average WoW player. People don’t want to work for anything anymore; they feel entitled. They want achievements for just showing up and Blizzard is only too happy to oblige.”

So, how does it feel to be called the worst gaming community out there? Or, better still, “Entitled, unskilled, and incompetent?” That is what a gaming blogger named Wolfshead has called us WoW players while he reviews Cataclysm as the “Worst Expansion in MMO History.” I wouldn’t even know about this guy and his “holier-than-thou” opinion until I started seeing the reaction from the people in the community who actually PLAY World of Warcraft and CARE about the community. So, I had to go and read it for myself.
I will admit, I had bolstered myself for some negativity. Larissa from the Pink Pig-tailed Inn had already stated that he was a prolific critic of WoW. I also see at the top of his page that he’s claiming to be a MMO Designer. Yeah, Okay. My 20 year old makes his own anime cartoons with Paint Shop and a animation program I paid a whopping $50 for; on an E-Machine Computer I bought him at Wal-Mart, so I guess you can call him a Cartoonist. You can catch his stuff on his MySpace Page. Since he still lives with me, and I keep him in pizza, cereal, and World of Warcraft, I guess I should just wait patiently for the checks to come in, right?
But, I let me come back to what I wanted to respond in my own blog about. I appreciate being called a “slacker” just as much as I like it when someone in a PUG calls me a noob and tries to blame me for their death when they are the idiot who ran ahead and pulled agro! I am not a SLACKER! I am a MOM! With a job, and with bills to pay, and with three children to raise! I do not have 10-12 hours every day to devote to playing a computer game to make sure that I have the “Top Skills.”
I do, however, take great pride in my characters and the achievements that they have accomplished. If I didn’t, I would not be writing about them in a blog. I have much more important things to write about. I have been inspired by the WoW Community, the bloggers, and my in-game friends and guild-mates, to attempt to share my experiences with anyone out there on the internet who would like to read about them.
I do not find getting an achievement as easy as “Shooting Fish in a Barrel” or think I am entitled to being handed Epic gear just for logging on. I think that I have to develop my skills, level my toons, learn professions, and befriend other people on my server who want to work with me. I know that I will never, ever be the greatest Tankadin known to Raiding. I will never top the DPS Chart. When I mention healing, my own husband shudders and says, “Stick to tanking, please?” I know this because I am not an elitist jerk (though I am familiar with their website by the way, ha!) and I do not have hours upon hours of time to make my toons that way. I play for the escape and the enjoyment, and yet, the challenge that the game provides me. When I earn (and yes, I said earn) an achievement, such as completing all the quests in an area or tanking a heroic dungeon successfully, it feels good. That is the payoff for me. When I play with friends to run a raid, and we are all working together as a team to complete a segment, there’s nothing finer in gaming. It means something to me.
I never got to finish ICC with my old guilds on my two Alliance Servers. Good friends ran with me, taught me how to tank and ranged DPS, tried to teach me how to play a Death Knight (LOL!). We got as far as Professor Putricide before my husband and I, burnt out on the stress and the raiding grind, took a break. When Cataclysm came out, we went Horde and switched servers. Don’t get me wrong—we’re very happy on our new server with our new guild. But, I miss the sense of accomplishment I would have gotten from standing toe to toe with the Lich King, a grown up decent raider. I can see it now, with my guildies behind me, and saying, “HeyLich King, we’re here!  You are going down, big guy!”
I still have the “Neverending Winter” Shield in my bank. I will never sell it. It is my souvenir from my raiding days with my old guild. Getting it, in itself, was an achievement for me.
Therefore, Wolfshead, now that your free trial version of Cataclysm has expired, you don’t have to darken my community’s doorstep anymore. You don’t know what you’re talking about. In my opinion, you’re an outsider making judgments on something you have casually observed, but don’t understand. You made a knee-jerk reaction based upon the ease in questing at lower levels; the crappy people you sometimes pick up in PUGS with the dungeon finder; and the funny ways that Worgen act when they idle. (Yeah, well, I’m a Hordie, I can point and laugh at Worgen puppy dogs sniffing around. . . just like I still laugh at Taurens for scratching their butts!)
Worst of all, you made a snap judgment on the entire WoW community based upon the handful of idiots who troll around Trade Chat. Hey, Blizzard gave us another nice feature. . the “Ignore” List! I have those immature jerks and haters on ignore. And, Wolfhead, in my eyes, you’re just another Trade Chat Troll. now that I’m done telling you what I think, I will have you on ignore too.


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