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I have to admit something rather strange that might make you point and laugh at me.  I love Outland!  I love the quests, I love the lore, I love the weird landscape.  We’re off to kill demons–yay!  It’s even more fun when you’re a level 85 protection paladin, and everything drops with a single flick of your avenger’s shield.

When I first started playing WoW, Wrath of the Lich King had just come out.  The goal was to level to 80 as fast as possible and start running heroic dungeons and raiding Nax over and over (Until ICC came along and took raiding up a notch).  Outland was the place to level from 58-68.  When you dinged 68, it was time to make that crucial decision to hop a boat (zepplin) for Borean Tundra or Howling Fjord.  Outland was pretty much just a place to rush through.

I didn’t have the time to get tired of Outland that other people had.  I didn’t have to run Slave Pens and Tempest Keep over and over again waiting for WotLK to be released.  I never got to see Shattrath as a booming metropolis.  When people compare it to Dalaran before Cataclysm, I just shake my head.  I can’t picture it.

Now that I’m 85 I want to take advantage of our Guild’s Reputation Bonus.  In my mind, that means going back to grind rep with factions that I started when I was leveling.  I do my dailies in Uldum and Tol Braad like a good girl, even though I find launching bombs at people on a hill tedious and Tol Braad  a scary, horid nightmare of a place.  But, when I finish those “chores,” I go off to Outland. 

The past two weeks I’ve been working on reaching exalted with the Shatari Skyguard.  The payoff for me was getting a mount, a pet, and their tabard.  I collect all three of these on my toons, so to get three with one exalted reputation was very satisfying. 

There are basically 6 daily quests for Shatari Skyguard Rep.  Two of them are in the Blade’s Edge Mountains, and the other four are in Terokkar Forrest.  In Blade’s Edge, the two quests are simple to accomplish.  The first one involves weakening and then capturing 5 Nether Rays for training.  The second is a bombing run to a nearby demon base, hitting them 15 times.  If you are able to complete this quest within 2 minutes, you can earn another achievement.  However, the cool-down on the bombs, as well as the time it takes to aim and then fire a bomb, made this too difficult for me to accomplish.

In Terokkar, the quests start out simple.  There is a second bombing run–this time to destroy 15 eggs.  This too, has an accomplishment, but I had the same problems completeing it.  You’re then asked to gather Shadow Dust by killing the nearby Arrakola Bird-people.  With pleasure!  These things are nasty and remind me of the bad guys from “The Dark Crystal.”  After you have six Shadow Dusts, one of the Skyguard people makes you Shadow Elixir to help you see the ghosts of “Time Lost” bad bird people.  You’re then given daily quest 3–collect 40 Time-Lost Scrolls from the ghost bird-people, and use them to summon 4 mini-bosses.  Bring back a souvineir from each of them and you’re given a “Time Lost” Offering.  This summons the main boss and completes the 4th quest.  Oh, and something nice that drops from the final boss is bind on equip level 70  epic gear. If you have an alt that you’re leveling and will soon be level 70, this is extra helpful.  If you don’t, then you can sell the item on the auction house.  Someone will at least buy it to disenchant it if nothing else. 

While visiting Outland, I have to admit I’ve been a bully to some Alliance folks.  I don’t mean to be a bully, honest.  I hate bullies!  But, I am a fierce competitor and love to win at, well, anything.  So, I helped some level 60’s complete the “Weaken the Ramparts” quests.  I’d stand beside them and the flagpole and watch a couple of level 80 Alliance Players circle long enough to take a good look before retreating. 

In real life, I am one of the meekest, non-threatening women you’ll ever meet.  I’m short, I’m tiny-boned, and I hate conflict.  Watching those two Alliance folks bug out, mainly because of me, made me bold.  I next went to Zangermarsh and took both of the becons for the Horde, singlehandedly.  Presumably there was no one around interested in stopping me, and they probably did not care one way or the other.  Still, I was a little dissapointed.  What fun is it to be a bully when there’s no one around?  So, my next Outland PVP Adventure was back in Terokkar.

Hubby is questing through there on one of his many alts, and wanted some help taking a Spirit Tower for a quest.  He only had to take one, not all of them.  (I believe there are six total, but I could be wrong.)  The bad thing about the PVP in Terokkar is that it’s only available every 6 hours.  Once the towers have been taken by a side, they cannot be taken again until the 6-hour waiting period is up.  I imagine this is very frustrating to people who are trying to complete this quest.  I honestly did not consider it at all until I met a Draenei Paladin at the top of a tower.

Hubby had a tower, and I went ahead to claim the next one in the circle.  Remember, I’m the big, bad bully chick, no one is messing with me.  I had a chip on my shoulder as big as a brick by this point.  A level 70 gnome rogue flew by the tower.  He slowed down and looked as if he was considering me.  I waved at him to show that he had my full attention.  He then flew away.  I again felt the bully’s rush of scaring off a person smaller and weaker.  Then, the gnome’s questing partner, the Draenei, showed up on the tower beside me.  I gave him a friendly wave, too, as if to say, “I’m not backing down.”  In return, he hit me with a Crusader’s Strike.

We started fighting right there on the top of that tower.  Every time we’d get low on health, we would heal up.  When I ran out of mana I’d use “Word of Glory.”  From the look of his heath and mana bars, he was doing the same thing.  We went back and forth for almost a minute.  Hubby and the gnome were circling, both wanting to help their partner.  Another Blood Elf showed up and started fighting the Draenei too.  He died, and we took the last spirit tower.  For the Horde!

I was full of child-like excitement.  That had been an awesome battle!  I am not good at PvP, so for me to stand toe-to-toe with an equal apponent and not die was an achievement all in itself.  I was happilly chirping to Hubby how great the fight had been when I got the whisper, “You couldn’t just let me have one tower for a quest?”

Evidently, the Draenei has a Horde Alt.  He had switched over to give me greif.  “I just needed that one last daily, and I don’t have six hours to wait around!”

Maybe he thought I would be mean to him, or offended by his complaint?  Instead, I said, “Wow, that was you?  That was a great fight!  That was so much fun, thank you!”

“Yeah, fun until it was 3 on 1.” he pouted.

“Look, I’m sorry about your quest.  I didn’t think anyone would care if we took the spirit towers.  I really did not expect that anyone else was questing here.”

“Well, I have to do my dailies, since the Horde has had TB forever, I’ve been doing them here.”  He explained.

“Well, I’m sorry I ruined your questing.” I apologized, feeling sorry for him.   “But, I really did have fun fighting with you .  I think it would have come down to who ran out of mana first.”

“It would have been me.  I think you have more.  Anyway, see you around.” and he was gone.

So, I guess I’m not the only “bully” in Outland.  And now that my Tauren has hit 58 over the weekend, she’s on her way there.  I will know to steer clear of any Draenei Pallies I see flying around PvP areas. . .

Well, maybe.  I still have that chip on my shoulder.

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