Working Mom of Three, History Buff, Writer, World of Warcraft Addict. . .My Comments on My Crazy Life.

I’m at the eye doctor’s office.  To pass the time, I am blogging on my cell.  So, please excuse the typos.  LOL. No, my eyes are not dialated, its just that I can’t type on this phone! 

I’d much rather be home doing anything (except dishes or floors ).  I’d really like to be home playing WoW.  I tanked my 1st Cataclysm dungeon with my Pally the other day. It was not easy,and we died a few times, but we got through it.  The priest was the only one who knew it well, and even he kept having management issues.  The warlock didnt know to soulstone the healer,the hunter kept pulling ahead, and the tank kept pulling too many or in the wrong place.  Stupid tank.

It could be worse, I guess.  I understand that it’s a 45-50 average wait for DPS to get a random heroic.  I think theres two reasons for that.  One would be the new guild progression.  Guilds have been running more heroics together, leaving fewer tanks and healers available.  The other reason would be anxiety.  What’s there to be afraid of?  Well, failure, mainly.  Its much easier to do damage than it is to hold hate, manage mobs, and keep everyone buffed, healed, and free of diseases. If the hunter pulls before the tank is ready, the hunter has little consequence.  If he gets kicked out, he can just requeue.  If they wipe, the tank sucks and they had a stupid fail healer.  Its not his responsibility!

As a society, I think we fear responsibility in general.  Its far easier to point towards others than to be the one to bear everyone’s success on his or her shoulders.  I will admit that I am a nervous wreck when I tank.  DPS is less stressful, a walk in the park comparably.  SO, why tank?  Because I think everyone should take a turn. Maybe if there were more people tanking or healing, we’d wait in queue less time.  And, maybe if people were more understanding of others trying to learn how to tank or heal the new content, more would be willing to step up.

OK, so I’m home now.  It didnt take too long for the Optometrist to figure out I’m blind.  Lol. Got a stronger prescription.  Now I’m off to play WoW.  See you in a dungeon somewhere.


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