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The Wildheart Set on the Far Left--I Want for My Cow!

     I found a really nice piece of gear for my Druid on the Auction House.  It is the “Wildheart Bracers,” part of the “Wildheart Set” for Druids.  I keep looking for more pieces and running dungeons the last few days to see if I can get another piece to drop, but so far no luck.  A single piece of a gear set is pretty much useless by itself, so I’m a little obsessed with finding just one more piece out there somewhere.  Wow Wiki and Wowhead both say that this gear set has been discontinued since the expansion.  I hope not, because I think it looks beautiful, even on cow-girl.  My son had the same set on his Druid and it looked very good—but not very um, masculine on a male Night Elf.  (But, how masculine is a tall, heavily muscled purple guy with electric blue hair anyway, I ask you?)

                I am all for upgrades and expansion packs replacing old content with new.  But, they have to actually REPLACE the old content.  They can’t just remove most of the gear sets from the loot table and just leave one or two pieces out there in circulation.  I also read that they did that with the Blackened Defias Set and I wanted to cry!

                Ahh, the Blackened Defias set—5 pieces that was designed for rogues that dropped from the Alliance’s very first instance—The Deadmines.  I have fond memories of running that dungeon over and over with my little gnome rogue to get that set.  She was supposed to be a PVP level 19 twink (until a patch made twinking pretty much obsolete).  I remember how hard I laughed with I put the entire set on her, took the tabard off, and zoomed the camera in to take a screenshot when I noticed the nipple-rings.  Yes, I had a tiny gnome rogue running around battlegrounds with her nipples pierced.  She had pink pigtails too, by the way.  I loved that set so much!  The stats were wonderful for a Rogue, and I got about 10-15 levels out of it before it needed replaced.

                People collect old dungeons sets the way that others collect mounts, tabards, and companion pets.  I would have loved to collected this beautiful set for my druid before I moved on to bigger and better sets when she goes to Outland in a few levels.

                Oh, please, don’t tell me they removed the Outland Dungeon Sets, too.  I don’t think I could stand the thought of her running around in mismatched, brown-and-black armor until she got to Northrend.  What other changes did Cataclysm make that I don’t know about?


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