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The Numbers Game

I spent some time looking at the new Armory on yesterday.  I really like what they’ve done with the set up.  The toons look more like they do on the character screen, completely 3-dimensional, moving, and lively.  I looked over my baby Druid first, trying to figure out why her DPS in Balance Spec is sooo low.  Then, I saw a nifty little feature called “Compare Characters.”    You can search for a different toon by name to see what their spec is, what their statistics are, etc.  

                I started looking at my level 80’s side by side by side, comparing their statistics.  Mage, Paladin, Death Knight.  The statistics told their stories in odd facts and numbers.  For example, My Death Knight, the one who’s ran the most dungeons and killed the most bosses, also, oddly enough, has the most number of hugs.  My Paladin has a drinking problem.  She drinks twice the number of beverages that my Mage does.  But, the Mage actually has gear that gives her intellect and spirit to help her regenerate her mana—the Paladin, like all good tanks, is loaded up on strength and stamina. 

                I looked at their adventures in numbers and recalled actually doing those things.  I remember all the respects on my Paladin (9) to get her holding hate “just right.”  When l looked at all the honor my Death Knight had accumulated, I was reminded of the day when, grudgingly, I realized that her unholy spec made her good for one thing—Battlegrounds.  I said this out-loud to Hubby, who said “I told you so,” and then gave me a gift of PVP armor so I could go forth and slay enemies in Wintergrasp.   

              I I saw that my pet collector, the mage, only needed 1 more pet to get her pet collector achievement.  That was easily rectified:  She’s now the proud owner of a singing sunflower and got her “Stinky” reward for being “Pet Smart.”

                I know that most people don’t take the time to look at their numbers.  I usually don’t either, but it was something that caught my attention and let me see the fruits of my labor over the last two years.  This Tuesday, we all start a new era on World of Warcraft.  Many folks have already gotten themselves ready by gearing up their toons, cleaning out their banks, making new alts, or other in-game observances.  I just looked over my numbers.  It was refreshing, to say the least.


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