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It started with a Baby Blizzard Bear.  That tiny polar bear came in the mail with a letter congratulating me for logging in during the 4th anniversary.  I even got an achievement when I learned him:  Can I Keep It?”  He followed Rezina around Stormwind, sitting on his fluffy rear when she stopped in the bank and the auction house.  I was enchanted by his cuteness. 

The second pet was a bunny rabbit.  Oh, not just any bunny—it was the “Spring Rabbit” reward from the “Noble Gardener” event.  Rabbits are one of my favorite animals in real life, so I was very happy to have a rabbit.  Even more excited when my rabbit did what every real life rabbit does, and mated with my husband’s rabbit, the rabbit that belonged to my guild-mate, and the stranger’s rabbit she met in the bank in Ironforge. 

When we started running randoms and raiding with our guild, I observed the variety of WoW companions that people collected.  It was no surprise to me that other gal-players would have a cute pink piglet from Children’s Week or the tiny White Kitten they bought from Timmy in Stormwind.  What amused me was that men—macho, gaming men who delight in playing “tough guys” in their game, would collect moths, mechanical squirrels, and parrots.  Our guild’s Death Knight Tank/Mentor had a Pandaren Monk that he summoned regularly during slower guild runs.  This is even more hilarious because this Death Knight just happens to be a gnome—and the pet is close to the same size!  They more look like little fighting partners instead of pet and master. 

I started reading up on pet collecting when I first noticed that there were achievements for it.  I meant for my Mage, Kayannagrace to be my main pet-collector, but it’s too much fun to leave anyone out.  I routinely do the holiday events on alts that award pets, do pet related quests, and scan the auction house for low-cost bargains.  I do not yet have the “Shop Smart. . . Shop Pet Smart” achievement for collecting 50 pets or more, but that’s probably because I spread my efforts out over alts and servers.  Being the victim of my own scattered focus has always been the story of my life!

I am not sure which pet is my very favorite.  My own Death Knight, Melificent (Meli for short) has the Toxic Whelpling that was a drop from the “Love Fool” holiday.  I like to bring him out during ICC Run breaks so he can feast on spiders.  He grows in size with every “critter” he devours, which is always entertaining to watch.  I am always asked, “Where did you get that?” and “Will he eat my pet?”  I’ve told some of my gnome friends that if they don’t behave, he may just eat them.  I also love the Perky Pug, simply because he looks and acts like a real dog.  My son has even named his Maggie after his real-life dog, and macroed summoning her with the command, “Come, Maggie.” 

Patch 4.03 has brought new pets with it.  I saw one the other day, a singing sunflower, standing beside someone fishing.  I must have the cuteness. . . and so, I will be completing the quests around the Dalaran Crater soon.

Helpful Links:  The database for pet collecting!

WowHead Companion Database:  A simplified place to find information on all available pets.

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  1. Marisonia said:

    Another WoW mom here! (Two little girls, 1 and almost 2 1/2) I found your blog through MMO Melting Pot and just wanted to say, “Hi!” and let you know I’ve enjoyed reading and look forward to hearing more!

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