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Well, I’m fixing up the place?  What do you think?  A throw pillow over there, new curtains on the walls, a nice stuffed dragon head over the fireplace. . . .

Umm, yeah, sure!  haha

Okay, just kidding about the throw pillows.  But, I really wanted to work on this blog today.  I keep thinking that by maintaining a blog I’ll excercise my writing skills.  I also fantasize about making a difference in the WoW community, lending a more centered voice to the din of hardcore raiders and teenagers who post crap like “LEEERRRROYYY  Jenkins!” videos and think they are contributing.  That’s right, I will smash all the stereotypes!  I play a “kids” game?  So what?  I was role-playing in Dungeons and Dragons before most of the idiots in Trade Chat were even born!  In fact, I gave birth to one of them. . .(Sorry, Al, you’re not an idiot, LOL)

Okay, hopping down off the table now.  I’m a little wired today.  But, I tend to get like that when I’m excited.  I’m excited about my blog.  I’m excited that I am creating an outlet for those essays that I have teasing around the corners of my brain.  Here, I can post them free and clear, and not wait on someone to “approve” and accept them.  (I’m looking at you,!)

I wonder if anyone will read this blog and care.  Probably not.  How many thousands of the 12-million WoW gamers have blogs?  And how many of them are read regularly?  Not very many, I’m sure.  I will link to some of my favorite ones, and hopefully if anyone reads this, they will send  me links to try out too.  I love reading good writing with a sense of humor and a little WoW theory-crafting mixed in. 

After this I’ll probably log onto the game.  I haven’t played my Paladin since mid-october, and it’s about time to get her ready for the expansion pack.  The Cataclysm is coming, after all.  With every in-game earthquake, I picture a very ticked off dragon struggling to break free and make my gaming life very interesting.  That is, until the day in the very distant future where me and about 9 of my closest guild-mates (and maybe even the non-idiot boy I gave birth to) kill Deathwing and get a bright, shiny achievement for it.  I can see it now–“Rezina the Dragonslayer” or some other catchy title.  Yep, that will be a good day in the land of Azeroth. 

And hopefully, when it happens, I’ll still be blogging, and I’ll tell you all about it.


Comments on: "Notice Some Work Around Here?" (5)

  1. Well I for one will read what you have to say and especially as you have female Draenei Paladin woohooo 😉

    Also like you I play kids games (being somewhat older than most wow players) and my 3 kids love watching, my youngest even has a female tauren, level 1 and just runs around with it hahaha!!!

    Look forward to seeing what you have to write about.

  2. Oh just read your tank post. Your pally is human hahah!!!

    Oh well my bad ;(

  3. Hi there! Here’s another WoW blogging mother (only two kids though), 42 years old with a background as a journalist. I don’t have any warrior though – yet. But who knows? Anyway – I like your style and hope you’ll be one of those bloggers who stick around and don’t quit after a month or two. The first months are a bit rough so don’t give up if it takes a little while to find an audience. Best of luck!
    / hugs

    • Larisa–I am honored and humbled that you came to visit me. You are one of my favorite bloggers and, along with Cynwise and John the “Big Bear Butt Blogger” are the inspiration for me to start my own blog. Thank you so much for your kind words. 🙂 /hugs right back!

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